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How quickly the pages on the calendar seem to turn! Here we are approaching the end to a great year in the City of Garfield. So much growth is happening around us, and it’s a wonderful time to look back on the achievements of the past year, and express our gratitude to everyone that has made them possible.

This past year we celebrated our Centennial year and we brought energy and excitement in our community. Deputy Mayor Joe Delaney, Councilwomen Erin Delaney, Councilman Frank Calandriello, Councilman Louie Aloia, and City Manager Tom Duch, along with City Clerk Andrew Pavlica and the rest of our City Cabinet, appreciate the support we received from our Centennial Committee, our community organizations such as the Garfield Recreation Center, Garfield Boys and Girls Club, and the Garfield YMCA, as it means so much for the City. Watch for continued events throughout the following year.

While other cities are falling under the indecisiveness of decisions among their Council, we are building a city where we balance our budgets and keep our commitments to our residents without robbing our future. We are also building a city that invests in our future by investing in our infrastructure, by redeveloping and revitalizing Garfield these improvements will make Garfield safer and promote economic growth within our city. So; we look forward to the New Year, as it will be truly an exciting time to be in our City. Guided by values and principles that embodied our City vision, Garfield is building a community, enhancing quality of life, strengthening our community engagement, and creating a healthy active lifestyle for all ages as it will be a sustainable community for the upcoming and future years.

I also want to thank you for your patience as we complete many major construction projects for the upcoming year for the betterment of the City. Foremost is the rebuilding of our Police Station, our road and water improvement projects, the improvement of our parks and recreation fields, as well as our Green Team involvement in our city development. We will be welcoming our new Community Committee Events Team that will work with other organizations in bringing events to our town. These are notable accomplishments, and yet we/I remain unsatisfied. As we all know, there is much more to be done. We need to keep moving forward. We need to build on what we’ve accomplished so far, and take our lessons we learned this last year and apply them to the Garfield vision for 2018 and beyond.

I can’t end my list of “thank you’s” without appreciating all of the hard work of the dedicated City employees-those that protect and serve our City and residents, those that work to keep our streets and neighborhoods in good condition, those that have the vision for the future of Garfield. Thank you for making Garfield a wonderful City to live, work, and play.

As busy as this year was, there is still so much ahead for Garfield. I have hope and confidence for 2018. I wish everybody a very happy and healthy new year. God Bless Garfield!

Yours truly,
Richard “Riggs” Rigoglioso
Mayor, City of Garfield