Garfield Fire Prevention Bureau

Hours: 9-4 Monday thru Friday
For Fire or Fire related emergencies Dial 911
  • FIRE OFFICIALGerald Walis
  • Clerk Typist - Debra Schult
  • Inspectors
    • Ernest Rosolen
    • Robert Fanslau
    • Chris Lohman
    • James Kovacs
    • Craig Savino
    • Ron Svrchek
    • Andrew Kalata
The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts inspections of all commercial and multiple dwelling homes on an annual basis. It also conducts inspections for the resale of homes, commercial resales and new businesses. All Inspections can be done in a timely manner as long as the proper paperwork has been obtained and filled out from the Building Department. Fee schedule for Certificate of Occupancy and Fire can be obtained from the Building Department or go to the directory of departments on this web site and look for forms and applications.

The Fire Prevention Bureau also investigates fires for cause and origin. If you have any questions or complaints, please call the above number.

Contact Information

Location: 111 Outwater Lane
Phone: (973) 478-7071