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The wells and the area around the wells undergo regular inspections to ensure that no above ground pollution sources are present in these areas. The treatment for water from all wells is by chlorination for disinfection and aeration by an air stripper to remove volatile organic compounds. Water treatment at Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) includes pretreatment, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.


Water Operators Division: Monday through Sunday - staffed 24 hrs.

Phone # 973-546-2200 Fax # 973-478-5921

Water Repair Division: Monday through Friday- 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Phone # 973-546-2200 Fax # 973-478-5921

Water Billing Division: Monday through Friday- 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(For all meter inquires) Call Passaic Valley Water Commission Phone # 973-340-4300

For any emergencies on holidays, weekends, and after working hours, please call # 973-546-2200 staffed 24 hours.

Billing Inquires


Who is responsible for installation / maintenance of my water service line?

The property owner is responsible from the home to the curb box, for the valve before or after the meter. We own only the couplings and water meter.

We are also responsible from the curb box to the main line.

On any new construction, the property owner will be responsible to run the water line from the house to the main line. We however, will do the water tap.

Permits are required with the City of Garfield-Building Department before any work commences.


Garfield Water Department, along with other area utilities, participates in the “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG” program to avoid digging in the wrong spot and damaging utility lines. Call 1-800-272-1000 at least 4 (four) days before you plan to dig. “IT'S THE LAW”

Does Garfield install /repair water service lines?

Garfield installs services lines from the curb box to the main at no charge to its customers.

Customers need to change their water line first from the house to the curb box. Excluded is any new construction.

Can I hire my own licensed plumber to install /repair my service line between the curb box and meter?

Yes you can hire your own plumber, however only type “K” copper pipe/ and or ductile iron pipe may be used.

Can Garfield recommend a plumber?

No. Call a few plumbers from the telephone book and request quotes and references.

How large a meter /water service do I need?

Garfield does not determine sizes. You can call a licensed plumber.

What if I see a potential problem?

Please call us at the water department we will check out the condition.


Color (black, brown, and yellow, orange)

Water discolored from rust has no health significance. Although it is safe to drink, it is understandable that people will find it aesthetically unappealing. Customers should avoid doing laundry until the discoloration clears.

Cloudy, milky color

Cloudy/milky water is usually caused by air dissolved in the water, suggest that you take a glass of cold water from the tap and set it on a flat surface. If the water begins to clear (from the bottom up) within a few minutes, it concludes that dissolved air is the cause of cloudy appearance.

Water Filters

We do not recommend the use of water filters in our service area. Our water meets all quality criteria established by the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency and needs no further treatment. Filters, if used need maintainance, according to manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid bacterial growth and/or release of slugs of contaminants.

Water Sampling

Water provided to customers in our service area is thorough and frequently monitored for potential contaminants.

Water Quality Reports

Water Quality reports are prepared annually and sent by mail to the party responsible for the water billing for that property. Anyone who would like to review the Consumer Confidence Report can do so by CLICKING HERE.


Flushing of water mains, and fire hydrants is done to clean out our water pipelines by removing rust or sediment that may be present in the pipe. Rust, mostly iron and manganese, builds up all year and deposited on the inside of our water mains. These minerals are harmless, but as more and more people start watering their lawns, and turning on sprinkler systems, these minerals can become loose and end up in your water supply.

Our flushing program takes care of this problem in a few minutes, but can also create some problems for you, our customer. If you are running water when we are flushing, you could get some dirty water. If this does happen, you should not run your hot water or do any laundry. Turn on and run your cold water until the dirty water clears out of your pipes, then flush your hot water tank by opening the valve at the bottom of the tank. If you are doing laundry, do not dry these clothes. Washing these items again will normally take care of this problem.

Imposter Repairmen Scams

Residents urged to protect themselves against thieves posing as a water repairperson:

Always ask to see credentials from anyone trying to enter your house, but beware that burglars posing as utility workers sometimes carry fake identification.
Make sure repair people are driving a utility-company vehicle before you allow them in your house.
When in doubt, call the Garfield Police Department # 973-478-8500 before letting anyone in your home.


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Contact Information

Main Office 
Willard F. Bierwas, CPWM
Garfield Water Superintendent
Licensed Water Operator
413 Midland Ave
Garfield, New Jersey 07026
Phone: (973) 546-2200
Fax: (973) 478- 5921
Email: wbierwas@garfieldnj.org