Property Maintenance Inspectors:

John Pinto

Phone: 973-340-2000 ext 4046

Cell:  201-206-7997


fax: 973-340-7623


Robert Ridarick

Phone 973-340-2000 ext 4048

Cell:  201-931-9000





Snow removal regulations:

 All property owners must remove snow and ice from sidewalks post 24 hours.  This means that you have 24 hours to clean your sidewalks as soon as storm has ended.


  • All property owners must keep their properties free and clear of Trash and litter. 
  •  All grass/weeds must be maintained at all times.  Any property with grass/weeds that exceed 8" will be issued a summons.
  • No unlicensed or disabled vehicle is allowed to be parked or stored on any premise at any time.
  • Please do not put out your trash/recyclables to the curb before 6:00 pm the night before pick up.
  • Above ground swimming pools must have an approved safety ladder, please make sure you obtain a permit from the building department prior to any installation of any size pool.
  • All garbage and recyclables must be stored in their proper containers for municipal pick up.  Please do not leave plastic bags on the curb.
  • All premises must have an address number on their building ( 4" numbers or larger).