Property Maintenance:
Phone: (973) 340-2000 x Below
Fax: (973) 340-7623
  • To the residents and businesses of Garfield,

    The purpose of performing property maintenance inspections is to improve the quality of life and to ensure public health, safety, welfare, and good sanitary conditions for all residents. Keeping up with property maintenance will prevent the infestation of rodents, insects, and other critters that seek refuge where properties are left untidy. Some of the common violations we are seeing on private properties are rubbish or trash, litter overgrown weeds, brush, and shrubbery.

    Not maintaining a good appearance of ones property creates an unsafe, as well as unsightly and unhealthy environment to all residents. Inadequate sanitation and insect or rodent infestation can have a significant negative impact on the community. A poorly kept neighborhood affects the self-image of a community, as well as the impression of neighboring communities and visitors to the area. Responsible property owners and businesses may shy away from neighborhoods that look unkempt. As a result, property values decrease and a cycle can continue until the neighborhood is considered a slum resulting into a blight area.

    An area that is neat, clean and well maintained attracts owners and occupants and businesses who are willing to keep the area attractive, if only to protect their own interests. The code officials with enforcement of sanitation, extermination and property maintenance regulations, can help a community maintain a positive self-image to the rest of the community and its visitors.

    It’s a matter of self pride for a better community and every ones responsibility to keep their town clean, free of litter, trash, and debris.

    If, anyone wants to report property maintenance code violations please call 973-340-2000

    John Pinto ext. 4046
    Robert Ridarick ext.4048

    Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Officers
    City of Garfield
    111 Outwater Ln.
    Garfield, N.J. 07026

John Pinto x4046
Robert Ridarick x4048
Snow Removal Regulations:
All property owners must remove snow and ice from sidewalks post 24 hours. This means that you have 24 hours to clean your sidewalks as soon as storm has ended.
Rules & Violations:
Exterior of structures not maintained in good repair, structurally sound, clean, safe, and in sanitary condition.
Unlicensed or inoperable or dismantled vehicles stored on premise.
Garbage not stored in proper containers with lids. Cardboard not tied or bundled properly.
Overgrowth of weeds/grass or vegetation.
Sidewalks, steps, driveways in disrepair, such as, raised, cracked or broken.
Handrails not secured.
Address number not visible from the street.(Four inch numbers).
Fences, retaining walls, garage/sheds not structurally sound.
Storage of an oversize vehicle on residential property. (>5,500 lbs.)
Curb-side garbage/recycles: No person, firm, or organization shall place garbage, refuse, solid waste, or recyclables on the curb for disposal pickup prior to 4:00 p.m. the day before said pickup schedule.
Recycling is mandatory.
Blocking or obstructing public right of way.(sidewalk or roadway)
Parking a vehicle on the front lawn.
Maintain property free from litter.