Pool Requirements:
In-ground pools, above-ground pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs all require permits to install.

A notarized letter from the homeowner is required for any tenants to be able to obtain permits for a pool.

Any pools that are to be installed in a flood zone must be discussed and approved by the building inspector (specific codes apply.)

Blow up pools above 24 inches in height require permits
No pools are considered temporary
The pool must be placed at least 6 feet from the property lines as per zoning ordinance
The pool must be enclosed by a barrier :
The barrier may enclose the pool or the property.
The barrier must be at least 48 inches above grade.
The barrier must be equipped with an access gate :
The gate must swing away from the pool area.
The gate must be self‐closing and self‐latching.
The release mechanism on the gate must be 54 inches from the bottom rail of the gate.
An electrical and building permit must be obtained in order to install a pool :
A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is required for all pool equipment.
Unless the house is a single family owner occupied home the electrical work must be done by a state licensed electrical contractor.